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Local support is needed to approve this beautiful venue.  

Please consider signing our petition to rezone 14 acres to REC-P!

Somerton—A lovely French-inspired venue conveniently located one mile east of Columbia, MO. With a seating capacity of 200, a niche will be filled for an authentic, uniquely private oasis in which to celebrate those special moments of a lifetime…or provide a perfect backdrop for corporate retreats and community days.

Having already passed the Boone County development tests which take traffic, utilities, watershed, and environment into consideration, the Planning & Zoning findings show that the resources available should be able to support this change in zoning. In addition, the site plan is engineered to surpass Boone County’s development standards.

Please support us in our endeavor to create this destination venue. And in so doing, the trickledown effect will bring commerce to Boone County businesses as well!

Thank you for your consideration!

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