Introducing Somerton

Located just a mile east of Columbia, MO, Somerton is a venue that evokes old-world charm. With a seating capacity of 200, it will provide the perfect backdrop for all events such as weddings, parties, retreats, and community days.

The rolling acres of lavender fields, trees and hedges will draw one in even before the country French chateau comes into view. Designed for sustainability and wildlife conservation, the site plan is engineered to surpass Boone County development standards.

Coming soon to Columbia with your help!

The Vision

Cherished, once-in-a-lifetime events should have the perfect backdrop to  enhance the memory. Somerton is the picture-perfect setting, located just east of Columbia, Missouri. This French country venue boasts stone, stucco, gas lighting, private patios, seclusion…evoking an old-world ambiance unlike any venue in the area.

Close your eyes, breathe it in, feel it …

The vine-covered pergolas set the ceiling and offer just a glimpse of the twinkling stars above. Flames from the gas lanterns dance in unison with the soft breeze, a breeze that contains just a hint of lavender carried from the distant field. A mix of soft music and laughter permeate the air, escaping the confines of the festivities inside. In the distance, two swans cut a path through the glass-like surface of the pond, their majestic elegance highlighted, courtesy of the full moon…

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French country architecture & quiet seclusion create a unique ambiance for special events.  Architectural drawings and plans have been developed, but are still evolving.

Main EntranceWedding Hall


Front line drawing of the planned venue


back line drawing of the proposed venue


Venue floor plan; seats up to 200


Sign Our Petition

Local support is needed to approve this beautiful venue.  

Please consider signing our petition to rezone 14 acres to REC-P!

Somerton—A lovely French-inspired venue conveniently located one mile east of Columbia, MO. With a seating capacity of 200, a niche will be filled for an authentic, uniquely private oasis in which to celebrate those special moments of a lifetime…or provide a perfect backdrop for corporate retreats and community days.

Having already passed the Boone County development tests which take traffic, utilities, watershed, and environment into consideration, the Planning & Zoning findings show that the resources available should be able to support this change in zoning. In addition, the site plan is engineered to surpass Boone County’s development standards.

Please support us in our endeavor to create this destination venue. And in so doing, the trickledown effect will bring commerce to Boone County businesses as well!

Thank you for your consideration!

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Terri Wright

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